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– Barack Obama



There is a big difference between sacrificing of yourself in acts of compassion when there are no cameras around, and being seen as compassionate, using the resources of others.

Pat & Ted Oparowski, whose 14 year old son David died 30 years ago, told the story about how Mitt Romney befriended their dying son, spending time with him & even helping him to write a will so that his friends would be sure to get his treasured possessions (his skateboard, model rockets & fishing gear).

Pamela Finlayson recalls how Mitt Romney and his family helped hers when Pam’s daughter was born 3½ months prematurely.

While moving, these testimonials about Gov. Romney are not unique. Every day, Americans give generously, volunteering their time or donating to causes that help the less fortunate.

President Obama is widely portrayed as compassionate because he fights to redistribute wealth (in the name of equality) from the successful to those who (for whatever reason) have not achieved as much success in life.

In defense of his call for higher taxes, President Obama last April cited the Biblical story of Cain and Abel (out of context, btw) and the concept of being your “brother’s keeper”.

President Obama has a ½ brother George Obama who lives in poverty in a shanty in Nairobi, Kenya. George’s young son was recently hospitalized, costing $1,000 that the family did not have. George did not call the White House for help. He contacted author Dinesh D’Souza, who he recently met during the filming of 2016: Obama’s America. Mr. D’Souza agreed to give George the money, but asked why he called on him. George replied, “I have no one else to ask”, adding “Dinesh, you are like a brother to me.”

President Obama also has an Aunt named Zeituni Onyango, who he referred to as “Auntie” in his memoir Dreams From My Father. Zeituni lives in a public housing project in Boston, Massachusetts.

As with George, Zeituni insists that she has never asked for the President’s help, even when she faced deportation for being in the US illegally.

President Obama has relatives who even in emergency situations are apparently unable or unwilling to call on him for assistance.

It is easy to appear generous and compassionate in campaign speeches or when you’re doing it with OPM (other people’s money), but it’s quite another to quietly give of yourself without telling everyone about it.

That, as Mr. Oparowski so eloquently stated, is the true measure of a man.